Sunday, September 16, 2007

You Asked, I Answered

I asked you on Thursday to ASK ME ANYTHING. Here are some of your questions and my answers. Thanks so much for participating. If you have any other questions, ask away!

Amy W from A Family Story wants to know- Favorite book of all time? Favorite piece of clothing? Which Disney princess are you most like and why? It's VERY hard for me to pick a favorite book. I loved "Valley of the Dolls" and I've read it many times. I know it's not great literature but, I love it. I also really loved "Memoirs of a Geisha" but, HATED the movie. I've loved Jennifer Weiner's books. My favorite piece of clothing... ummmmmm, right now? Pajamas! I freakin love pajamas!! Oh, and nightgowns- cotton ones. I really love, love my jeans. Disney princess- I took the quiz and was Belle so, I will take that.

My great friend from high school, Sarah C. asked- What is your all time favorite movie? And what is your favorite movie quote (does not have to be from that movie.) My all time favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. Other favs are Steel Magnolias, Shag, Reality Bites... Line from each movie (tie for GWTW), "You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Rhett to Scarlett. "Great balls of fire, (hic), it's Rhett" Scarlett. I love the entire "her colors are pink and pink" conversation from Steel Magnolias. "Y'all is the dirtiest bunch of white folks I evah seen!" from Shag. There are soooooo many! Reality Bites- "Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent." "Will you two just do it and get it over with... I'm starving!" "I'm in charge of all those t-shirts!" "Well, I'm a non-practicing virgin" Remember all those, Sarah??

Liza at Adventures in Cavaland wrote- When you were little were you a little bookworm like me? I can remember being only 4 years old and just reading different books for hours. Not just looking at pictures, but reading them. Obviously nothing too smart, but enough that at 4 I was reading real books, not just picture books. I've always loved to read, but now that i've gotten older it's harder for me to get into a book. I taught myself to read when I was 4, too. I shocked everyone. We were visiting my grandpa and I was reading books that were not mine so everyone knew it wasn't just reciting. From that time until now, I've been a MAJOR bookworm. I've always been reading something. My mother is responsible for my great love of books. She read to me when I was tiny and once I could read, we read together. I was a member of book clubs and she always bought books so we had tons. I read the"Little House" series, Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, etc... Now, I read a range of things but, I must have a book to read and at least one waiting!

My partner-in-crime and best friend, Lindsey says- I am buying a pair of black and brown casual shoes for the fall. What is in style? ps loved the shoes you had on today. The shoes she is talking about are a pair of Old Navy satin leopard ballet shoes. They do not sell them anymore. I don't have a picture but, they are really fabulous. They fit perfectly, are comfortable and go with so much! I'm going to do a separate post with the answer to this after I get more info along with the next question.

Where Jill from EVERYDAY tells me- I need a good foundation but I can never find the right one. Have any ideas? Honey, do I?? But, I've emailed my sweet Jillie asking her the questions I need the answers to before I can even begin to search. This is my favorite kind of question. I love it. I would do this all day. So, send these questions my way! Just for future reference, the info I need is- 1) How much coverage do you need? 2) Do you have a specific need or reason for foundation such as acne coverage, uneven skin tone, etc... 3) What have you used before and NOT liked and what do you like/want? 4) What is your price range? Drugstore brands (Maybelline, CoverGirl), Department Store (Prescriptives, Estee Lauder, etc...) or Specialty Store (Sephora)

Kelli in the Mirror wanted to know- Do you know Amy from Savage Stories or Andie from sweet southern spirited in real life? Because I just realized we both link to both of them, and they live near you. Small world. Andie was in that writing blog with me when it was actually up and running. I do not know either Amy or Andie personally. Amy lives the closest to me, though. In fact, no one that I know IRL blogs. I have never met any of my blog friends in person. I have relationships with several blog friends that goes further than just comments on blogs. Lindsay (A) and I speak frequently on the phone. I spoke with Diann on the phone last night. I'm very confident that I will meet them. Kelli, Jill, Kate, & Rach are all also special closer friends.

I actual just told mom last week on the way to the doc that I need to get a big tour bus on do a big "SHOE ADDICT GOES ON TOUR" and go visit everyone! I want to go see everyone. I keep joking with her and telling her I'm going on the road. That would be so awesome.

J wants to know- What is your skin care regimen? I'm a Philosophy girl. The makeup optional skincare saved my skin! I use the Purity Made Simple cleanser and the Hope in a Jar religiously. I also love Aveda's tourmaline charged exfoliater. Good stuff!!

She also asked- Another question, what does your closet look like? I'm a "clothes addict" and I'm very very curious My closet is everywhere. My clothes are in the laundry room. It's a big room. They are in the extra room. My shoes are in the closet, though. Well, most of them are in the closet. If you mean "What kind of clothes do I wear?" well, I do have a style. Those people close to me, Lindsey, mom, etc... will say that they can look at a top or piece of jewelry and know that it's so "Kristen". I love that. I am very attracted to tunics and boho-type tops that have floaty sleeves and the like. I like jeans- dark wash. I am attracted to very deep colors and looks that are kinda 70's in style. I do love trends. I love dresses, long skirts, v-neck pullovers, Old Navy tees...

Liza came back to say- It's a new day so I'll ask another question for today!Hmm...let's see...what to ask...What were your favorite toys growing up? Were you a Care Bear fan? My Little Pony? Barbie? Did you play with Matchbox Cars? LOL. I love remembering old toys. So weird that lot of the toys I played with as a kid have come back, but they aren't the same rad quality as when we were little. I know, huh? I posted about that. I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was younger. I had everything Strawberry Shortcake! I also loved Cabbage Patch Babies, the newborns. I was (still) a big fan of baby dolls. I got one every year for Christmas. I was a Barbie girl, too. I liked "make believe". I played "mommy" and "teacher" and stuff like that. I LOVED to play dress up- big surprise, huh? I also liked board games.

Sweet Stacey came to tell me- did you know you received a Friday Fuzzie? that's my question and i am stickin' to it. Yes, thank you! How very sweet.

Please leave more questions here. If you are looking for new makeup (foundation, powder, eyes, lips, etc...) remember to give me as much information as you can about- pricing, your skin type, coverage, what you've HATED...

P.S. We had a blast at Justin's birthday supper! Ok, so I should've eaten during the day. I was really shaky before we left. I've been having tremors. I had some before we left. Then, right before we got into the car, I had a little shake and fell on the ground. I know Luke knew it wasn't the shoes. He wanted me to go in but, I said no! I just got some orange juice at the gas station. He was nervous. Poor Luke. We all ate and had a great time. My brother is so cute and I have not seen my daddy in forever. I had the BBQ shrimp linguine and the turtle cheesecake. Half of the cheesecake is in the fridge. My left leg hurts from falling but, I'm so proud that we went! I just hope that mom skips over this post. Oh well if she doesn't. Hi mom!


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