Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

My hair is the grossest thing you've EVER seen in your life. EVER. I need to see a stylist- STAT. I have no money, though. I wouldn't care but, we are leaving in a few to go to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro for lil bro's b-day. His birthday is actually tomorrow (the 17th, we are a family with 17th b-days, mine is January) and he will be 23. I will have a tribute post. I'm going to try and get some pics and use the scanner. Don't hold your breath. He's gorgeous and sweet and genius and annoying and wonderful.

I am getting a headache but, I am not missing this. This is what I'm wearing.

I couldn't find a picture of it off of the model. That's not me, silly billies!! It's a black dress with white/off-white polka dots, tiny ones. I'm wearing my Oh Deer! Marilyn shoes. I hope to God my balance & walking probs BE-HAVE and I stay upright. PRAYERS- hello!

The Emmy's are on tonight, I'm DVRing. Also DVRing Big Brother. I can't believe I'm doing it but, I've been watching it so....

I'm not happy with Luke right now but, it'll pass I'm sure, before we even get to the restaurant. He knows he's not my favorite right now and he can't stand it. He'll be laying on the charm. Whatever, I never hold a grudge and forgive quickly. Life's too short.

I spoke to DIANN last night and what a blessing!! She sounds just like she was supposed to, ya know? She is wonderful and funny and encouraging and sweet and lovely. I'm sure she feels that I monopolized the entire conversation (I do that when I'm nervous... Can you imagine?) and talked about stupid stuff that she could not care less about! But, I love her and am SO BLESSED that blogging has brought us together. No, I'm so glad GOD has brought us together.

I gotta put my makeup on now and find some lotion for my poor legs. I HATE shaving because my skin is unreasonably sensitive. It's ridiculous. I've tried every razor- expensive to cheap. I've tried every cream, foam or gel- expensive to cheap. I've tried lots of lotions, LOTS. The expensive and the cheap... Right now, I'm using L'occitone Ultra Rich Body Cream.
What do you suggest for itchy, sensitive, dry skin?

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