Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thirteen Things about Kristen Rhea's name

1….There are lots of people around my age named Kristen because of the show Dallas and "Who shot JR?" It was Kristen
2)My mom swears I was not named because of that and hated when people asked her about it.
3)I really don't know where she got "Kristen"
4 My daddy wanted to name me "Diana". Glad he got vetoed!
5)My middle name "Rhea" is a family name on my dad's side. It's pronounced like Ray.
6)I'm the first girl in the family named Rhea.
7)I will give my first daughter that middle name.
8)When I met Luke, I loved his last name.
9)When it was time for it to become MY last name, whole different story. I still loved it but, it was still weird.
10)Before we got married, when I was freaking out about the name thing and telling Luke he should take my name because we all lived here and they all lived in Georgia (joking... kinda), he said we should just have our own name. The Jankins. :)
11)I legally (drivers lic, social security card, etc) have all four of my names.
12)Everybody made/makes fun of me because of it. I don't care. It's so me!
13)My mom calls me Katrinka for no reason. My daddy called me turkey lips. My Pa Pa calls me Toot.
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