Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mr Sandman, Bring Me A Dream...

I have the most vivid dreams. I always have. They're like mini-movies. Last night, I dreamt that my parents sold our house and I was not happy. My mom wouldn't talk to me and I was so frustrated. There was a huge party there with the new owners and tons of people and I was crying and crying. Some lady told my mom to spank me. How funny is that?
Sometimes I dream about the same little girl. I know she's mine, my Isabella, because she looks like my daughter and there's a feeling. It's so difficult to explain. When I wake up from those dreams, I am so sad because she's gone. It's very weird. I have very detailed, scenerio-type dreams about her, me, Luke with the rest of my family or with Lindsey or whatever. I know lots of times people have dreams that make no sense and I do too but.... I often have dreams that are so real.
I also have dreams about both Brett and Paw Paw Harry. I've dreamt of both of them since they died. Of course Brett has been dead much longer, he died in August of 1994. He's been in my dreams almost immediatly. And we are usually the age I am and we are in love and happy. Or we are best friends. The scenerio is usually that everyone knows that he's been "gone" and has come back but the specifics are always sketchy.
I don't think this post is very good. I'm tired and hungry and coocoo (is that how you spell it???). But, I wanted so badly to write something and have you guys respond.

Do you remember your dreams? Do they bring up emotions? Do they leave you with emotions?

"whenever i want you all i have to do is dream"

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