Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gone For Good

So, it's official, Isaiah Washington aka Dr Preston Burke, will NOT be returning to Grey's Anatomy next season. His contract wasn't renewed. I'm sure you all remember that Dr Burke left Cristina in the church at their wedding, telling her he should let her go because he knew this isn't what she wanted, to which she replied, "I think it's what I want."
Then when she returned to their apartment, he was gone. All of his things were gone.
I've been reading that he was probably gone. His rep kept saying that he would appear in a few episodes but, that was before decisions were made officially and he didn't want to look like a punk. It's official. He's off and he's pissed.
I thought he was a great actor and the dynamic between his character and Sandra Oh's and Patrick Dempsey's was wonderful. I know he was a total ass off camera and I do not approve of that. I also don't think he and Cristina should have gotten married because they were both doing it for the wrong reasons but, I guess I'm just waaaay to "real" about tv.
So, we know for sure that Kate Walsh (Addison Shepard) is gone to start her own show. Now, we know Isaiah is gone for good, too. I hope everyone else stays because the only person I'd LOVE to see go is Ellen Pompeo and since the show is called GREY's Anatomy and she plays Meredith GREY, I'm afraid that won't happen.
What do you think about Burke's permanent exit? And what do you think about my pictures???? Check them out because it took forever to post them....
na, na, na, na. na, na, na, na. hey, hey, hey, good-byeeeeeeeeee

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